Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Understanding the Tea Party Network - Who's In Charge?

Individual tea party groups started to spring up all around the country early in 2009. For the Santa Fe T.E.A. Party, it started with Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC as the stock market began to tumble and the federal government was in full bail-out mode. I suspect that this is how many tea party groups started. Speaking only on behalf of the Santa Fe group, we are completely local, grass roots, take no direction from anyone outside of our group, and take no money from any outside group. We determined our own Mission Statement and decide what issues to advocate for.

The common tie is that we share in a general philosophy. Many groups, such as the 20+ groups in New Mexico, network to share ideas, projects, and event information.

Once the tea party movement started to pick up steam, several people started to set up national organizations in order to capture the momentum and effectiveness of the people involved in local tea parties around the country. It appears to us that there has been an attempt for these organizations to claim that they are the leaders of this movement.

In our opinion, there is no national leader of the movement. There are national figures who support the ideals and goals of the movement. There are organizations that help to promote the movement. But the vast majority of tea parties are still grass roots, local entitites.

Some of the national groups that have sprung up are:

Tea Party Patriots
Tea Party Express
Tea Party Nation
Freedom Works
Patriot Vetting
And many more ...

The rise of the many national and local groups is a clear indication that there is a hunger for leadership for conservative principles that neither party has provided. These national groups are trying to capitalize on that sentiment.

It is a good thing that these smaller local groups joined together by the hundreds of thousands in common philosophy to make a bold statement at the national and regional rallies. This has allowed the movement to have more power and to mobilize even more concerned citizens into activism. How many times have we heard a tea party supporter say that this is the first time they have ever attended a rally?

Some confusion has resulted in the past week over whether or not the Santa Fe T.E.A. Party is a member of one or more of the national organizations. Here are the facts.

To promote our rallies, we posted our contact information on most of the national sites - any that we could find. This seemed to be the most effective way of promoting our events. We were unaware that by doing so would indicate that we became a "member" of any of these groups.

Since it is difficult to determine exactly who is in charge of these groups, and what their motives and objectives are, we did not and do not wish to have a formal affiliation with a national group at all. We will stand on our own principles, on our own agenda, on our own actions. At the same time, we will support the general goal of the tea party movement as a whole.

We also hope to continue to network with other groups and share information so that we can continue to work together to affect change at all levels of government. There are many good people working hard in New Mexico and around the country on behalf of freedom, liberty, individual rights, states rights, and Constitutionality. We commend them all for stepping up to the plate and becoming active in the political process. We may not always agree with each other on specific issues, but hopefully we will continue to join forces on the issues we do agree with.

Our Mission Statement is posted on this blog for you to read.

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